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Oxford Dictionary Proposes Gender-Neutral Title


Accommodating oxford dictionary interracial dating chat After a quarter-century, the first installment emerged in 1884. Its contents? Graybeards are scarce today at its open-plan office, just earnest editors frowning at flat screens, occasionally whispering to their neighbors. For all the accommodating oxford dictionary here, few are spoken aloud.

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News outlets run stories about the word of the year, or WOTY, chosen by one organization or another. Its utility as a gender-neutral singular pronoun for a known person — a substitute for the gendered pronouns he and she — won this 800-year-old humble pronoun that commendation! Besides simple words like they, the American Dialect Society accepts compounds and phrases as candidates and even hashtags and emojis. Last year the hashtag blacklivesmatter won their vote, and two years earlier hashtag itself was the winner.

Oxford Dictionaries - Define, Translate, & Explore Words.

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He has edited a number of dictionaries and has written books about spelling, writing, and punctuation. In this post, he looks at the anomaly of double consonants in certain English words. The presence of doubled consonants in certain words can present a great challenge for students attempting to get to grips with English spelling. The sound of a word will often give an idea of whether a single letter or a double is required, but it is quite possible for two words to sound alike and yet for one to be spelt with a single consonant and one with a double.

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