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Which Color Personality Are You: Red, Blue, Green or Yellow?


Dating a blue personality is bradley cooper and lady gaga still dating It is considered to be the color of peace and serenity. In fact, the color blue can lower pulse rate and blood pressure. People tend to be more productive in blue rooms, and the color blue is hands down the most popular color for business websites and brochures. According to color psychology, your personality color is defined by your favorite color; so if your favorite color is blue, you belong to the blue personality type. We made an important dating a blue personality regarding color psychology hereso dating a blue personality in mind this information is for entertainment purposes only.

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The Color Code is a personality test that categorizes people into four different personality types. Red, Blue, Yellow and White. At the Color Code, we believe people are born with an innate personality that comes with a driving core motive motive in life , strengths and limitations. For example, the Red personality is motivated by power. Reds are great leaders and are action-oriented and proactive. They can also be selfish and arrogant.

Hey, I'm not an exception. I once met a pretty attractive guy whom we'll call Tom.

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