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He makes less money: dating dealbreaker?


Dating a man who makes less money than you dating advice party girl LearnVest is a program for your money. But all is not well on the women-earning-more front. The same Pew study found that having a female breadwinner was reportedly stirring up trouble in marriages. Jonathan Alpert, a Manhattan datong, executive coach and author of " Be Fearless. Change Your Life in 28 Days ," sees many patients who face this situation. We wondered. Just how do real men in 2013 feel about bringing home less than half of their household's income? So, we sat down with three men, successful in their own right, to see how an income differential plays out in their relationships, and how Alpert says each dating a man who makes less money than you is faring.

would you date a guy that makes less than you

Absolutely not. Unless your boyfriend's a dick. Not like, Scrooge McDuck diving into a pile of money levels of earning, but just about enough that I could pay my rent, buy a travelcard and have enough left over for a couple of glasses of wine with my mates at some point in the month. According to a super depressing recent study, men don't deal with earning less that their lady friends.

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marrying a woman who makes more money

We have talked about kids and marriage and a future together, so I know we both take this relationship seriously and this is not some fling. I haven't had many serious relationships so this is all new to me. He is a good decent man who seems to care about me and motivates me. I care about him too, but lately I've been having anxiety of how we would work if we really married. I'm in my late 20's but I've had a fear for many years that a man would marry me for my money and then leave me.

making more money than your boyfriend

Why You Should ONLY Date Guys With Money (And How to Find Out If He Has Any)

i need a man with money

Health The income linked to the happiest marriages Would you marry a man who makes less money than you? A new book shows the financial dynamic that statistically leads to successful relationships. We asked Marina to weigh in on the issue of disparate incomes and educations, marriage as a way to get more stuff, whether female breadwinners are the way of the future and if any of those things matter for happiness.