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Dating sim personality types


Dating sim personality types dating apps for flight attendants There are so many virtual love interests out there, that there have to be archetypes or groups that represent how these guys act towards the MC and towards the world. Those are what I'd like to discuss with you today. Hello community of Otome Dating sim personality types

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Take note that not all are personality traits, some are physical characteristics and how the character is related to the main character, which would entail a little more crossover of traits. Feel free to comment or make suggestions to the list. I tried to include the most commonly known archetypes, but should I have missed one or made any glaring errors in my descriptions, let me know. The Flirt A staple of almost every otome game, the flirt wastes no time in putting the moves on the MC, often making forward comments to her from the get go. Despite his overly flirtatious demeanor, slightly lewd banter, and annoying determination to get into the MC's pants, he is often, but not always, inexperienced in love, although he fervently claims otherwise.

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