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Is Benoit Dating Anyone After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? He's Been Unlucky In Love Before


Is clare from bachelor in paradise dating anyone dating customs in puerto rico From telling off everyone's least favorite Is clare from bachelor in paradise dating anyone to struggling in finding love on Bachelor in Paradise, Clare has flourished off-screen in recent years, making it clear that she's not settling for a sub-par romance. After their surprise engagement on the Bachelor Winter Games reunion special, fans can't help but adore Benoit and Clare's love story. As much as I'm already envisioning beautiful French-speaking babies with perfect hair, Clare and Benoit's engagement did come completely out of the blue for viewers. The last we saw of the couple, Benoit left the competition in Episode 2 after Clare couldn't commit to him over German contestant and Jacuzzi-Gate instigator Christian. It was heartbreaking to watch because, dang it, I've been following Clare's journey to love for too long to have it end that way!

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Five minutes into the premiere, though, I was all in — and it got better from there by seeing couples quickly pair up. They're one of the first couples to gravitate towards each other in the premiere, so I can't help but be curious about their future together. In terms of familiarity, American Bachelor fans will definitely have more knowledge about Clare. She's actually infamous in Bachelor Nation, and while I started watching after her stint on The Bachelor, her moments are still some of the most dramatic of the show.

Clare Tells Juan Pablo Off - The Bachelor

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His date with Jenna seemed to go really well and make her reconsider things with Jordan, but even if things don't work out, there were plenty of women who seemed interested in the Montreal native. So is Benoit dating anyone after Bachelor in Paradise or does he find himself unlucky in love once again? Benoit first made an appearance on the Bachelor scene during the first ever Bachelor Winter Games, which was basically like BiP but with the added twist of winter sports thrown into the mix.

'Bachelor in Paradise' stars are engaged

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