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Naruto and hinata secretly dating fanfiction


Naruto and hinata secretly dating fanfiction dating icebreakers reddit The blond gulped. Not just about what she was just threatened about, but by who threatened her. It was Hinata! With her Byakugan active and covered by one of Naruto's blankets. By. Cloudsofsand Naruto finds out that Hinata likes him and decides to ask her about it! Well this is my 3rd story and I hope you really like it! I got the inspiration to write it after something that happened to me and will have to 2 chapters up soon! Naruto Uzumaki was walking down the streets towards the training field with his hands behind his head.

Kiba and Hinata are Dating - Hinata Cheating on Naruto

hinata hurts naruto fanfiction

No one, except the 2 Sannin and Shizune knew why they were here. But Hinata suspected why they might be.

hinata controls naruto fanfiction

By. nekoangel1988. Naruto goes rogue for reasons no one knows. When he is caught will The Hokage listen to his explanation or will he be treated like a criminal. Will Sasuke forgive him and give Naruto a reason to keep fighting?

NaruHina TheLast - Trapped in a box

naruto hiraishin and hinata fanfiction

Naruto's life is turned upside down. He may lose his friends and more... Jutsu did so well the day I published it that I began thinking about continuing the story. Also quite a few of you requested that I write more so here it is finally the continuation of Jutsu of Love. Hope you like it and yes there's more to come!