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Weddings Traditions and Requirements in the Bahamas


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Weddings Traditions and Requirements in the Bahamas Honor the Bahamas by integrating some island flare into your wedding Nearly every culture thinks of a wedding ceremony in a different way, and through time hundreds of customs and traditions have spawned throughout the world. The Bahamian notion of what makes a wedding special is quite modern and Western, despite a few rituals that make Bahamian nuptials truly unique. Some brides feel it is important to honor the island they are getting married on by including a few of these practices in their own weddings. However you plan your own wedding, there are a few formalities required by law in order for you to tie the knot in the Bahamas. Local Wedding Customs Maps Though wedding customs in the Bahamas vary based upon the religious denomination of the couple getting married, there are a few traditions that carry through them all.

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