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How picky are you with guys/girls?


How picky are you when it comes to online dating quiz toff grandma celebs go dating And what often makes things ten times worse is that the person who's doing the complaining is usually far from flawless -- whether that means they still live out home with their parents or they're far from a perfect ten in the looks department. But how how picky are you when it comes to online dating quiz you know if you're simply holding out for Mr. Well, we're here to set the record straight and see if you really know where your priorities are at or if your standards are simply way too high. The world of dating is already hard enough as it is, and we don't want you to be your own worst obstacle.

While you might enjoy living the single life, there might come a time when you choose against it. Millennials get a bad reputation due to online dating, when in reality, they are the least promiscuous generation yet. As a matter of fact, most millennials would rather remain single throughout their twenties, choosing to indulge in the occasional fling on the side instead.

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If you're like me, you are very particular about the guys you date, and they have meet your high standards to even have a chance. Do your friends criticize your demands on guys? Do you turn down dates for small reasons? Maybe your standards are too high.