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Five Ways to Find a Date in China


Best dating apps in shanghai dating is not easy Shako Liu Aug 20, best dating apps in shanghai As a single, educated Read article woman approaching 30, Nancy Ji felt tremendous stress from her parents to get married. So at 28, she hastily tied the knot with a boyfriend. They nagged me about being single every day, and it was very annoying. My boyfriend appeared at the right time, and he had the right economic profile," Ji says. So they got hitched. It was a rare lovely day, with blue skies and actual sunshine, yet they all came bearing umbrellas. Turns out that this is a typical scene at this particular park every Sunday, when droves of overly concerned parents and grandparents attend an adhoc "marriage market" where they can match-make on behalf of their single adult sons and daughters. Ads with photos and vital statistics about their age, education and - most important - how much salary their children earn are taped onto umbrellas along the park's winding pathways for all to peruse. Having never seen anything like this in my life, I took out my camera to capture this unique aspect of Shanghainese culture, but, in true Shanghai fashion, I was immediately yelled at.

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Dating apps are connecting foreigners and Chinese — but cultural obstacles remain By Zhang Xinyuan erikford.me Times Published. 2016-5-11 19.48.01 More expats in China are using dating apps to diversify their social circles and romantic options. Photo. IC It was 11 pm on a Saturday night, and Jeff, a European expat who has been living in Beijing for five years, was just back from a party where he met a lot of new people, both foreigners and Chinese. Still, though, he felt just a little bit empty, a little bit restless, and so he logged onto Tantan, a Chinese dating app similar to Tinder, that he has been using for the past year.

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Ladies, ever hated carrying your own shopping bags? Dating in China — Men, carry those bags! Or not only shopping bags, but your own handbag or purse?