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The reality of dating an airline pilot


Dating a commercial airline pilot dating in fort wayne indiana I'm 34 and dating a commercial airline pilot now for the last 10 months. I moved to Georgia in August last year and settled in downtown Atlanta in October in order to accomplish my goal. The goal was to slowly wind down my long time business which offered a lot of money but I never enjoyed. A well thought out plan for a career changer to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a professional pilot.

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They have great pay, amazing company in the form of attractive-looking cabin crew and can fly all across the world. And yet it is not always smooth sailing, either for the pilots or their partners. So if you are keen to date someone from this professional class, here are a few things to keep in mind. Married to the job One of the first things you have to understand about dating an airline pilot is that their working schedules can be unpredictable.

Airline pilot rosters

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Most airline pilots wouldn't trade their job for anything. But there are also challenges. It can be difficult for a pilot's family and friends to understand what, exactly, they are up against while they're in training or on trips.

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First Day As An Airline Pilot, Hawaii Style

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