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Facebook's dating service is launching in 2 new countries — Canada and Thailand


Facebook to add dating service dating service rochester ny Facebook plans to add a dating service, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says, marking the first facebook to add dating service the world's largest social media network has actively tried to help people form romantic relationships. Key points. Mark Zuckerberg says dating service "not just for hook-ups" There are 200 million single people on Facebook Facebook chief also announces a new "clear history" privacy control Shares of Match Group, the owner of popular dating app Tinder, fell more than 18 per cent on the news and was down 22 per cent at close. Mr Zuckerberg told software developers at Facebook's annual F8 conference that a dating service would be a natural fit for a company that specialises in connecting people online. This is not just facebook to add dating service hook-ups Mr Zuckerberg said the new dating feature is "not just for hook-ups" but to build "meaningful, long-term relationships.

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The company also said that its users would soon be able to ship Marketplace items anywhere in the continental U. Facebook also introduced a new Events tab that allows users to see what's happening around them, get recommendations, discover local businesses and coordinate with friends to make plans. Similarly, Facebook Inc on Tuesday debuted an overhaul of its core social network and introduced new business-focused tools, the first concrete steps in its plan to refashion itself into a private messaging and e-commerce company.

Facebook Dating: Will you try it?

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Zuckerberg says Facebook to add dating service

Facebook takes aim at Tinder and Bumble with its own dating service

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