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Prenatal Tests: First Trimester


Pregnancy dating blood test i need free dating site in europe Prenatal tests are tests done during pregnancy to check a woman's health and her baby's. They pregnancy dating blood test detect conditions that can put a baby at risk for problems like preterm birth if they're not treated. Tests also can help health care providers find things like a birth defect or a chromosomal abnormality. Some prenatal tests are screening tests that can only reveal the possibility of a problem. Roughly 15 million pregnant women face life-threatening spontaneous preterm birth every year. Now, a pilot study from researchers at Stanford University suggests that it may soon be possible to use a blood test to improve predictions of both healthy and too-early due dates. Such predictions could also help better explain why some births begin in crisis.


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If it works in bigger studies, it could help prevent deaths of babies born prematurely. June 7, 2018 Image A human fetus at eight weeks. A new blood test could one day help predict pregnancy due dates and help prevent deaths from premature births.

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Screening tests for you and your baby - NHS

Should You Get Genetic Testing During Your Pregnancy?

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