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40 Days of Dating: An Experiment : The Book


40 days of dating book review free dating apps totally free Many, many relationships begin as friendships. A suggestive look or touch or — we're all adults here — one alcohol-fueled evening can trigger that tidal shift from "just friends" to "together. Frustrated with the New York City dating scene and tired of complaining to one another about their failed relationships, the platonic pair wondered. What would 40 days of dating book review if they dated each other for 40 days — and strove to break their worst relationship habits in the process?

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Manhattanites and graphic designers Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh decided to find out — and the platonic friends embarked on the tenuous mission of dating each other for 40 days. The adventure was chronicled in a blog — and now a book — for all to see. Advertisement "Going into it, we both had opinions of what dating was all about — me as a commitment-phobe and her as a hopeless romantic," Goodman, 33, told the Daily News.

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Over in New York, two close friends had decided to stage an experiment, dating for 40 consecutive days, and writing about the experience. Eighteen months later, and the pair are back, with a book about their experiment, and the aftermath.

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Did you see Timothy today? Yes, briefly. We went to our first couples therapy session together.