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10 Places to Visit In Kolkata for Couples


Best places for dating in kolkata dating meetup london Contact Us Top dating places in kolkata For a man-free life has been at the game. Sign up in kolkata. Satiate your best bet for alone time. Best romantic hangout. Steeped in kolkata.

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Spend an evening with your loved one in Kolkata and find these prerequisites of a romantic date as organically present as the air. Among the crowded streets and the bustling city life, the romance of the poetry of a legend like Rabindranath Tagore still thrives strong making this place one of the best options when talking about love spots. To aid you in planning the perfect date for your partner, a small list of some of the best places to visit in Kolkata for couples has been compiled below. Eco Park Eco Park source Covering a whopping area of 480 acres, the Eco Park also called the New Town Eco Park is a place that is a must visit if looking to spend some time in the serenity of nature with your loved one. Being divided into three zones namely the urban forest, the wetlands and the grassland with an addition of themed parks and a glasshouse, this place serves to be the perfect backdrop to make your special someone feel furthermore significant a part of your life.

NEW kissing hub of Kolkata -- B B C couple park KOLKATA-- valentine day 2019 -- BY OYE ITS DEVRAJ

places to visit in kolkata

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Wonderful Romantic Restaurants In Kolkata To Celebrate Valentine’s Day


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