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What to do when the taxman has your superannuation money


Consolidating super ato dating blonde hair guys Of course, your share may be higher or lower than the average depending on your work history. We are consolidating super ato to find and recover your lost super, so just say the magic words. find my super, and we'll do our best to recover the money that consolisating rightfully yours. What is your lost super doing?

combining super funds with spouse

Note. Some of the strategies explained below are subject to your total super balance cap combined value of your accumulation and pension accounts. For more information visit the ATO website or contact your financial adviser. In the meantime, here are five strategies to help you build a bigger super balance.

The benefits of consolidating your super

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Any money held with other super funds and any money held with the ATO will be displayed. Simply tick the relevant check-boxes in order to consolidate money held with other super funds. Before your combine your super accounts, make sure you read the Tips before you Transfer about the important things to consider. Get started now! To get started. Simply login to MemberAccess.

how to consolidate super

Scammers targeting Australian super

Spouse Contributions: Super strategies for the new financial year

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