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Can Employers Legally Forbid Co-workers to Date?


Dating a coworker legal dating in vienna Because of the amount of time we spend at work, side by side with dating a coworker legal coworkers, our social lives and professional lives often become entwined. Those relationships are sometimes quite intimate, even when they aren't romantic. If you find yourself attracted to a coworker, follow these rules cowrker stay out of trouble. Sometimes, however, your good judgment goes awry when chemistry takes over. Dating a coworker legal, find out if your organization has a formal policy that forbids employees dating one another.

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Boredom and drudgery vanish in the excitement of the new relationship. But what happens when the boss finds out? Can he legally keep the office Romeo and Juliet apart? The answer is, it depends.

Should You Date a Coworker?

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Some surveys in the past have shown that a great majority of companies and employers in Florida do not have a defined policy to address office romances, although the number of organizations that have taken steps towards regulating this issue doubled in the last decade. But, when an employer does have an established policy, it tends to discourage employees from dating, rather than to strictly forbid it. Fraternization and Other Workplace Policies Fraternization is defined as an inter-employee relationship that differs from normal coworkers interactions, usually including romantic or sexual involvement.

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Romance, the Workplace and the Law

Cultural attitudes seem to be changing toward in-office romance. Here's a breakdown of the legal ramifications of making and breaking a company policy. LegalZoom Getty As the old saying goes "you don't dip your pen in the company ink. Is this age-old adage becoming extinct? If you believe the stats of new employees entering the workforce, it might seem so.