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11 Desi Dating Apps and Sites Helping You Find Love


Dating apps that actually work in india fwb or dating reddit Besides its American rival Tinder, which dominates the Indian market, Bumble will compete with homegrown players like TrulyMadly and Woo. Winning over India may not be easy, since dating apps here are not exactly used the way they are in the West. Take, for instance, how TrulyMadly localises its business. Edited excerpts. Dating apps that actually work in india there any difference in the way Indian millennials use dating apps compared to youngsters in other parts of the world? Varidhi Yadav Whoever brought the concept of dating apps in India is a genius! Because dating is hard, specially in India. Finding the right person, going out on first date and finding out within a few minutes that you hate that person but there is no way you can get out now. For this sole reason, dating applications were invented. The place where you can pick out your favorites and left swipe the rest.

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Well, why not make use of the technology at hand! Dating is no longer a taboo in our country, and there are a plethora of apps that allow you to search a potential partner in no time. However, out of all those apps, choosing the right one for you can be a tough task. Well, fret not, as we bring to you our list of 10 best dating apps in India, with each app having a unique way of presenting potential matches for you.

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Dating apps can be tricky because a lot of users have different intentions. Some just want to casually hang out while others are on the prowl for the love of their life. So how do you sort through the mess of these dating apps and sites to figure out which one is right for you? Here is a list of the eleven most popular desi dating apps and sites playing cupid.

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