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150+ Funny Newlywed Game Questions


Dating game questions for bridal shower free muslim dating sites no membership Marriage is a beautiful thing. Ushering the beginning for the involved couples or newlywed is a series of activities before or during the wedding ceremony. Being a newlywed or about to be wedded can be very exciting especially for the bride.

newlywed game questions funny

Their favorite activity to do together? What's your spouse's favorite joke to tell? What's a story your spouse tells to every new group of friends?

Groom's answer to the first question is priceless!!! The Shoe Game (Joe Maroon Entertainment)

A charming, charismatic host is the key to making this game memorable, so be sure to do some rehearsing in advance so you can be on point on the big day. Be prepared to roll with the punches.

bridal shower questions for groom funny

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