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Cupid on overtime: LI matchmaker looks to expand business


Dating services long island ny absolute agency dating Dating services long island ny Matchmaking services are designed for those who are ready for love and commitment. The three dating services long island ny to finding the perfect match are chemistry, compatibility and commitment. MTN Matchmaking, Inc. Complimentary Interviews for MTN Matchmaking MTN Matchmaking offers Long Island matchmaking services and Manhattan matchmaking services with a complimentary interview in which each client must pass a thorough screening process, which includes a felony background check, as well as making sure all clients are a quality, positive person; emotionally stable, therefore each client knows what they want which you do not find on online dating sites; all are financially or very-financially stable; and everyone is looking for a committed relationship.

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Each year, she matches more than 1,000 singles — as in widowed, divorced, legally separated and never-married individuals; her clients are 21 to 87 years old. Nelson said she has facilitated more than 1,000 long-term relationships, including marriages, since starting the company in 2006. She also has a satellite office in Manhattan. But as the only matchmaker at MTN, which employs four people on Long Island and relies on consultants for marketing and social media, Nelson, 51, works round-the-clock, including emailing clients at 3 a. While passionate about turning singles into couples, Nelson laments about not having the time to pursue her goal of opening an office in Florida, where she would like to become a snowbird — or even to date herself.

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