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20 Men and Women Get Brutally Honest About Zodiac Compatibility


Dating someone who believes in astrology amordating.co.uk contact number Do men all think it's bullshit? Does every woman believe in horoscopes? Did I just make those stereotypes up or is it the rom-com industrial complex's problem? I asked some strangers what they think about astrology and dating to find out.

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You go on a couple of dates or—no judgment—do a little light cyber-stalking and you manage to figure out their birth date. Maybe you should take a breather before you get too much cosmic insight into your new love interest. To begin with, astrology is not just about sun signs; it also reveals the conditions you were raised in, how you felt about those conditions, and your tools for and setbacks when coping.

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By Valerie Mesa Jan 10 2019 We are indeed in the midst of a cosmic revolution, my friends. Bumble just announced its latest feature, "Filters," where users can filter out potential dating prospects by their zodiac sign. Yes, this is real life, and while I normally don't judge someone who would date by zodiac sign considering that's the first thing I think about upon meeting someone , I can't help but both cringe at the idea and love it at the same time. Granted, I am an astrologer, so I definitely have mixed feelings about this.

Dating every Zodiac Sign... my experience (NOBODY is safe!)

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