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Heart vs. Smarts: Should You Date Your Intellectual Equal?


Dating your intellectual equal alternatives to online dating london By Paul Hudson July 1 2014 It's often said that it is better for the relationship when the woman is more attractive than the man. While that's probably true, as women seemingly are the less selfish and egotistical of the two breeds, there's much more that factors into the longevity of a relationship. In fact, although a better looking woman, comparatively, is good for the relationship, when one party dating your intellectual equal the other in the most valuable aspects of a person, the dating your intellectual equal is likely to fail.

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Jun 1, 2015 Getty Images We sat there in the back of her car, arms folded, still in bathing suits and towels and me also wearing a look of dread that only really comes after saying something ludicrously insensitive but also perfectly accurate. I don't remember what my exact wording was, or how we got on the subject, but I remember what she said. "So I'm not, like, smart enough? What kind of asshole says something like that, out loud, to someone he's mostly, supposedly, interested in? Turns out, the same asshole who was about to ruin an otherwise wonderful evening.

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For instance, having shared values and expectations for the future are two very basic things you and your partner need to see eye-to-eye on. Having great sexual chemistry is another and some even make it a point to date people with compatible zodiac signs. But according to experts, there's one really important thing that tends to get overlooked. In case you might not have known, intellectual compatibility in relationships is just as important to have as anything else. This doesn't necessarily mean you both need to have the same IQ level.

5 Tips for Dating a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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