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Here's how Facebook's dating service will work


Facebook dating desktop dating for those over 50 In the keynote, Zuckerberg said that they are pushing hard on helping people to connect with close family and friends. He unveiled a revamped and redesigned version of Facebook, called the FB5 which aims at making navigation easier, improve the loading time and giving the user a cleaner appearance. The updated mobile app is rolling out now. The desktop version will be released in the next few months. Along with changes to the fafebook app, Facebook also announced updates facebook dating desktop Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Oculus Quest and Rift S virtual facebook dating desktop headsets — and introduced a new feature, Facebook Dating.

how to use facebook dating app

Indeed, according to Facebook, over 400 million people on Facebook now belong to a Group. And they are also a place where people who share life events, like moving, parenthood or new careers, get support and encouragement. We want to give more people the opportunity to find a meaningful group that will add value to their lives.


how to use facebook dating

The Facebook dating service would enable a user to create a separate profile other than the regular Facebook profile that they have. Thereafter, the social networking giant would feed them with matches based on their preferences, interests and mutual friends. Further, Zuckerberg cleared that with the dating service, the company wants to ensure that users find a long-term match rather than casual hookups. However, how the social networking site would make that happen is not known yet.

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Facebook Unveils Dating Platform I Fortune

facebook dating apps how to use to meet a match someone tutorial

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