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Who is Indiana Evans? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


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This can be said about Australian actress, Indiana Evans who discovered her talent at an early stage in life and through the help of her parents and hard work was able to attain fame and popularity in the entertainment industry. Being a beauty with a well-maintained body and talent, Indiana has got lots of fans and admirers who are eager to know about her personal and professional life. Read further to find out more interesting things about this young actress. Who is Indiana Evans?

Indiana Evans and Angus McLaren interviewed by ZDF german

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He was initially a drummer in a band and also played bass guitar. His parents are Scottish and there is no other information about his parents on the internet.

How many of your favorite celebrities have been keeping their dating affair as a mystery puzzle? Well, add another name to the list; Indiana Evans. The actress sure has been a heartthrob for a lot of gents out there and undoubtedly has also been Woman Crush Wednesday .

Indiana Evans & Angus McLaren in the studio by accident? :)

Indiana Evans Starred in...

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