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Sailors only dating dating someone on pof Well, its a bit of an exaggeration but as a full time sailor myself I sailors only dating that if I do stay in one place for more than 3 weeks I usually do find a woman. History I am not sailprs womanizer nor a ONS guy. Why would I, my goal was sailors only dating still is to have a deep relationship, understand and help each other, enjoy exploring life together. But I am not a fighter so when it becomes obvious that my well being is the opposite of hers I move on.

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Find your sailing community I hail from the shores of the East Coast, where sailing is woven into the fabric of society. My childhood was decorated with colorful buoys dangling from shingled storefronts, the low hum of a fog horn cutting through the night. From the shore, I watched kids my age wrangle Hobie Cats and tip over fearlessly in dinghies.

Contact Me Single Sailors! Single sailors! But they may not necessarily be solo sailors!

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