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Whitney Way Thore Wants a New Kind of Love in Season 5 of ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’


Whitney and buddy dating 2018 cancel affiny dating site After going viral on YouTube with A Fat Girl Dancing, the show's star, Whitney Way Thore, was able to translate her popularity to the small screen and, along with her family and closest friends, has been raking in the ratings ever since. The debut episode drew whitney and buddy dating 2018 1. Not surprisingly, the show premiered its fifth season in January 2018. No matter how authentic it seems, however, there are some dark secrets datng behind the scenes of the uplifting show.

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After Whitney's Facebook page was inundated with requests for clarification on the burnt kitty incident, she decided to come clean on what went down. Whitney claims that Henchi wasn't even aware he was on fire, and she only realized what was going on when she smelled burning hair. Once Whitney moved in with her friend Buddy Bell, he became one of the most prominent people on the series.

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Will Sparks Fly When Whitney Meets Her Online Date? - My Big Fat Fabulous Life

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Whitney Kisses a Girl, and She Likes It! - My Big Fat Fabulous Life