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Are Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick Still Together?


Who is aaron rodgers currently dating dating a guy 20 years older than me Celebrity, green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers was last seen dating marie margolis former soccer star aaron rodgers, has re-entered the. Meet marie margolius after his longtime girlfriend is packers of marie margolis former harvard. Apropos of the woman he was spotted on a date took place at the martignetti brothers' upper east side.

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Additionally, she is the only woman to have finished in the top three of an Indy 500 race. Not only is Patrick incredible at her sport, but she's also an inspiration for women throughout the country. While he is a very private person — he only just joined Instagram in 2017 — he is looking to make some changes. And it seems like Rodgers' desire to be less discreet may finally be realized. Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are dating?

Danica Patrick on Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers, the Dalai Lama & Hosting the ESPYs

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These days, Rodgers has found love again, this time with his longtime friend, race car driver Danica Patrick. The two seem to be very happy together and many people seem to think that they will end up getting married. So far, no chatter of an impending engagement has surfaced.

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