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The Five Styles of Conflict Resolution


Accommodating conflict style definition dating a man married to his job These behaviors are usefully categorized according to conflict styles. Each style is a way to meet one's accommodating conflict style definition in a dispute but may impact other people in different ways. Competing is a style in which one's own needs are advocated over the needs of others. It relies on an aggressive style of communication, low regard for future relationships, and the exercise of coercive power. The introduction to this series begins here. A second mode of conflict is Accommodating, which describes when a person is cooperative, but not assertive. The aim of this mode is to yield, and often to maintain the relationship or status quo between themselves and other other party.

Conflict Management Styles Compromising Example

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The incident occurred at the end of a very close game--a time when his team could not afford any penalties. When tempers flared between one of Williams' teammates and an opponent, Williams ran across the field and began to fight. Predictably, his team was penalized and he was ejected.

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How you utilize conflict resolution strategies depends on both your conflict style and your conflict resolution skills. There are many different ways to respond to conflict situations; some conflict styles involve a considerate or cooperative approach while others involve either a competitive or passive approach. Conflict Styles Those who have proper conflict resolution training understand how to diffuse the situation and reach an agreement that satisfies all parties.