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10 Things I’ve Learned Over A Decade In Roller Derby


Dating a derby girl online dating kitchener waterloo ontario Lover to only one. Writer, Blogger, Mom. Fave city. NYC! But for two married women, being a derby girl opened up some serious emotions, which dating a derby girl to their first same-sex experience -- and lots of heartbreaking drama.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Derby Dating. Derby Widows, the forgotten heroes If you haven't figured this out, this is not a blog entry FOR derby widows, but it is FOR the skaters that inflict derby on their significant others. Yeah, I said inflict. Derby is an addicting, time consuming, life devouring monster for some of us; we didn't necessarily realize how much we would be immersed in the whole derby experience, but here we are.

Dating a Derby Skater

Training Camp round 2 for 2019 runs on Tuesday evenings at 8.15-10.15pm from January to April. Contact the team today at fwderbygirls gmail. Roller derby is fast, fun, action-packed, and did we say FUN? Yes, there are hard hits but remember — you get to hit back. It is an exciting, steadily growing sport that is great to watch, and even better to play.


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