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Making Multicultural Relationships Work: Our Experience as a Chilean-American Couple


Dating and marriage traditions in chile dating my friends projared This article covers such a polarizing topic. I pull no punches when I write about life in Chile, presenting both the good and the bad as I have experienced it. People who move to Chile are usually making a life-changing decision with radical implications, and they should be as best-prepared as possible see more regard to what to expect of Tradiitions culture.

chilean mentality

It was quite different from an American wedding. I chose not to bring a date, because I don't know many boys here. I didn't want to have some guy I barely knew following me around all night. In terms of the presents, the bride and groom register for their gifts online. You are supposed to send your gift before the wedding.

chilean traditions

Photo by Byron Carr I love travelling, and I always try and ensure to learn as much as I possibly can about a culture wherever I go. As you have no doubt been aware of, my husband and I travelled to South America last year, and we visited Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

Chile is multicultural country and depending on the culture or ethnic group the upbringing process and family traditions could be much different. We are talking about modern average Chilean family with European roots, which isliving in average Chilean city. Answering cell phone during your meal is also impolite.