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4 Common Communication Styles In Love Relationships


Dating someone with a different communication style kisses dating site View Larger Image Many couples believe their arguments never get resolved because one partner seems to find dating someone with a different communication style confrontation easy while the other wants to avoid it. This communication pattern is very common. It usually looks something like this. John and Sue are frequently getting into arguments that result in John storming off and giving Sue dtyle cold shoulder.

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Many people are unaware of the differences in communication styles and find themselves frustrated by people who have a different style to them. Knowing what style you are can help maximise your chances of success when dating. The different types There are tests you can take to discover your communication style. Although they have different headings they can be broadly split into four categories. Sympathetic — generally good listeners, focus on other people and their needs, invest a lot into their relationships.

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Careers in Sports Marketing Basic communication involves words, body language, eye contact and in many cases physical contact. Evidence suggests that physical contact increases a sense of intimacy between the two parties having the conversation whether it is romantic, familial or simply fraternal in nature.

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Jan 26 2018 Fotolia When you first start dating someone new, it's only natural to wonder whether your relationship will be able to stand the test of time, or if it will eventually fall apart. As infatuated with each other as you and your partner might be in the beginning, the reality is that not every couple can make things work long-term. So what's the main difference between couples who last and those who break up? Couples who last long-term know that having healthy communication habits in a relationship is the ultimate key to success — and even if they communicate well already, they're still always striving to improve their communication skills. This then leads to a relationship that is alive and active.