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The Only Progress Bar You Will Ever Need


Excel vba application statusbar not updating who is jackie dating at the end of that 70s show Only few things in life are more frustrating than trying the halt the execution of a program and not being able to because Excel has become unresponsive. So frustrating. However, as the saying goes, all good things come with a price. The DoEvents updatung in VBA is no exception since it will cause the execution time of your excel vba application statusbar not updating to increase. This is logical, since, by yielding execution to other events and processes, Excel temporarily halts the code execution while the operating system handles these other events or processes.

excel vba doevents

This is done because the macro will run faster when it does not have to update the screen. When this is done, one of the most important things you can do is provide feedback to the user so they don't think their system has gone out to lunch. A common method of providing feedback is through the use of the status bar. Using VBA, this is done with a code line similar to the following. Application.

Running VBA code faster with Screen Updating Method - Excel VBA Tips n Tricks #4

vba doevents not working

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application statusbar not working

access vba status bar not updating

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