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Why is the gay scene in Stockholm so bad? The str8 guys may be AMAZING but....


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In the case of Sweden, we are happy to report that both the laws and personal views are very progressive. Here is what you need to know. Same-sex sexual activity — legalised in 1944 Age of consent — equalised in 1972 Legal Gender Changes — first country to allow transgender people to change their legal gender post sex reassignment surgery 1972 Same-sex Marriage — legal from 2009, the seventh country in the world to do so and put this into effect with a gender neutral law Discrimination protections since 1987 Adoption rights — since 2003 As you can see, Sweden is ahead of the game when it comes to LGBT rights. These rights are also reflected in the personal opinions for the majority of Swedes. However, it does have a number of specifically gay bars and clubs.


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Gay travel guide to Stockholm; what to see and what to do in Stockholm - SAS

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