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Sex in our City: Decoding Seattle's Dating Scene


What is the dating scene like in seattle dating a blue personality Perhaps you might want to give bartending a shot no pun intended. Obviously, dealing with mostly a college crowd is going to be really different than working at a neighborhood bar catering to an out-of-college crowd, but even taking that into consideration, the scene now is just totally different. With the rise of smartphones, people show up, sit down, and just take out their phones. Dating in Seattle. It's a 'socially awkward town'... Howie is the host of the show, and has literally traveled the world trying to figure out the answer to the question, "Why is Everyone Still Single? The room was filled with a mixture of singles and supportive friends, ages ranging from early 20s to late 40s. Understandable, since he's literally been dubbed America's 1 Dating Enthusiast though he jokingly points out that he's still single.

In addition to this there was rampant alcoholism. I've been in more potential fights in two years living in Boise, then in the last 15 years. You want to talk about a tough town to meet women, that is the worst of them.

Seattle - 10 Month Update - Becoming a Washington Resident

seattle worst city for dating

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